There are 11 official languages in South Africa – that was 3 of them there in my subject line, saying

‘Hello, Good Morning and Hello ! ‘

It’s a memory of my childhood from the local morning TV show greeting.
Yup – you guessed it – I am “off the grid” in deepest darkest Africa, visiting family and filling up my heart with African hospitality. Sheer Bliss!
I’ll be back in Melbourne and working from November 6th.
If you have the kind of urgent emergency that absolutely requires my attention, you can arrange with Julie – my right hand women to have a Skype call with me – only Julie has the keys to the Kingdom, so be extra nice to her.
You can also join the NetworkBuddy Facebook group to find events where you can meet me face to face ( post The sun soaking and relaxing) . It’s where I publicise all the networking events I go to on a weekly basis because I like to make it real easy for the stalkers.