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Manon David, GetAboutAble

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Rocking Rose

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Initially a consulting client, taking up a “wordpress rescue package”, GetAboutAble (pronounced Get- About-Able) is social enterprise focused on improving travel and leisure opportunities for people with disabilities, both as consumers and employees.

The GetAboutAble platform functions both as a travel and leisure directory, providing detailed specific accessibility and inclusion information to travellers with access needs, offering a unique platform to promote inclusive tourism & travel businesses around the globe. The site also encourages and supports venues to tap into the ‘Disabled Dollar’. It is a powerful and useful tool to connect the inclusive travel and leisure sector with increasing demand from people with disabilities who don’t know what is accessible in any given location

Multiple categories of listing types, and events are showcased across a range of packages, with payment options and “claim a listing” features for venue owners to claim their listings.

Built in referral emails, allow travellers to ask questions directly to the venue from the site, all tracked back to the main Analytics account for reporting.

Collaborators are showcased on a seperate page, allowing travellers to see the contributors and validating the lived-experience and expertise of the people behind the worlds foremost access and inclusion travel listing platform.

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