Happy October ! Daylight Savings and (apparently) warmer weather is on the way.

Although here in Melbourne someone forgot entirely to mention to Mother Nature that it’s officially Spring. Brrr.
I’m into lean efficient and all the other buzzwords that save me time – which means I only open and  work through  the emails in my inbox once per day, sometimes twice, time permitting – at set intervals.

Checking my emails is scheduled into my calendar the same way every other appointment is.

If you need to tell me something urgent then rather phone or text. Even if I am booked with a client or in a meeting, I will respond much quicker than by email.

Email is a terrible way to report urgent things – imagine if you had to notify the fire department via email that your house was burning down ?
Yeah, not so much.

You can also join the NetworkBuddy Facebook group to find events where you can meet me face to face. It’s where I publicise all the networking events I go to on a weekly basis because I like to make it real easy for the stalkers.