I caved in eventually … And I’m now on snapchat busy figuring out how it works , and what’s the best way to do this snapping thing and if I can even use it for business or not, or if it’s just going to be me snapping away about me and the interesting things I get to see and do.
Here’s my take away from the free snapchat workshop I went to today
– it’s a bit complicated to setup. If you think Facebook or Twitter are hard … Well …
– it’s nothing like other social media , there is no history, it’s not a photo album.
Once you get your head around the instant and impermanent concept , you realise it’s about the closest thing to a real life encounter you can get. In real life we move fluidly though the now, with each moment here and then gone … And that is what snaps are , snippets of now. Here and then gone. And once you understand that … Well then it makes so much more sense as a conversation tool.
I’m also trying out this My Story thing …we’ll see how that goes. If you’re on snapchat , look me up @stephaniegaddin  and yes there are Rhinos and Rainbows in my name same as on all other platforms, or you can use my snapcode :
 snapcode for steph's account on snapchat

Happy snapping peeps …