Free LinkedIn verification announced for US-based users

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LinkedIn’s Oscar Rodriguez (, VP of Product Development announced some new features for the platform, including LinkedIn Verification through the rollout of an ID-based verification for users of the business social network. (

Interestingly, the LinkedIn verification a standalone feature. The company has also chosen to make it free as opposed to other platforms like Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and the calamity that is Twitter, where verification is bundled together with premium features and charged for.  And similarly to Google’s efforts at verifying email senders (Google email verification check marks for Workspace mean Brands can now verify their email) they seem to working on making the space safe for everyone, without adding a price tag.

Initially, this is only available to users in the US, as LI will be using CLEAR, an identity platform based in the USA. 

What’s my take on this LinkedIn Verification through ID?

This is good. 

It’s free, which means everyone (eventually) who is a genuine human with a valid ID can be verified, should they choose to. And because it’s free,  the verification badge is worth something in terms of trust because it cannot be paid for. 

My only thoughts are that I hope they move quickly to partner with similar services in other countries more quickly than not. 

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